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Wuxi Hairui Welding & Cutting Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a technical enterprise specializing in research and development, manufacturing and sales of various types of automatic welding and cutting equipment. At the beginning of its establishment, the company put forward the idea of taking science and technology as the center, providing high-quality products and satisfactory services for the vast number of users as the purpose and development direction of the enterprise. On the basis of building an independent national brand, it continuously explores and develops various kinds of high-class automatic welding and cutting equipment, which contributes to the development of China's automatic welding and cutting industry. The company has strong technical force, and a number of technical personnel engaged in relevant industry for many years. Based on more than 10 years of theory and practice, the company has always been in the leading domestic level in new product development. There are more than 100 kinds of products in more than ten categories including gantry CNC cutting machine, desktop CNC plasma cutting machine, CNC intersecting line cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine and other CNC cutting equipment, welding manipulator, side beam welding machine, chuck...   【More】
Professional technical strengthWuxi Hairui Welding Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has strong strength, credit, contract and quality assurance. It has won the trust of customers with its multi-variety management features and the principle of small profits but quick turnover.
Complete product typeWe specialize in the production and sales of plasma welding, plasma CNC cutting machine, spraying equipment, spraying equipment, positioner, welding machine, gantry welding, assembly machine, roller frame, welding and cutting machine, CNC cutting machine, etc. At home and abroad.
Perfect service systemWe have a complete sales network and technical service team, the products are delivered directly to the door, and the installation, commissioning and training of the products are provided free of charge to the buyer.
Sales network
The products of Wuxi Hairui Welding Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. are not only distributed to Wuxi, Suzhou, Changzhou, Nanjing, Kunshan, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Zhejiang and other regions, but also exported to foreign countries.
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